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PE Exercises for men

What Are The Best Exercises To Last Longer In Bed?

    We are a fan of treating premature ejaculation with exercises. And there are two main reasons for this.

    1. They are effective
    2. The results are permanent

    And it’s the second of these points that many men don’t think of when they first start looking for the best remedy for premature ejaculation. But it’s really important.

    Think about it. Do you really want to have to spray your penis, wash it and wait 30 minutes each and every time before you have sex?

    That’s what your sex life is going to look like if you decide to rely on premature ejaculation numbing creams or sprays to last longer in bed. Not the most spontaneous sex in the world is it?

    But premature ejaculation exercises and the results you can achieve are different.

    Why Are Premature Ejaculation Exercises Recommended?

    Because you are in effect training your body to react a certain way and learning new skills, you get to keep your new long-lasting sex powers.

    It’s a bit like riding a bike. Once you know how that skill stays with you for the rest of your life.

    So that’s why we always recommend that men try some premature ejaculation exercises first before they mess around will pills, sprays, or prescription drugs.

    We have reviewed the Ejaculation Freedom program by Dan Becket on the site and we still think it’s the best place to start for any guy who wants to start training themselves to last longer in bed.

    The 5 Best Premature Ejaculation Exercises

    But just what are the best exercise for you to do if you want to last longer in bed? Here’s what I think are the 5 best exercises to prevent premature ejaculation and some tips on how to complete each of them.

    1. Premature Ejaculation Breathing Exercises

    premature ejaculation breathing eercises

    Breathing exercises are so easy to do and they start to help on the same day that you begin. That’s why I think that all guys should start out with them.

    It’s amazing how just a few small tweaks to the way you breathe can make such a fast difference.

    2. Sexual Focus Exercises

    These exercises are kind of like sexual meditation.

    That may sound weird but all you are really doing is learning to focus on the right things. Instead of letting your mind wander where it will start to panic and overthink you should be training your mind to automatically only focus on physical things.

    When you are having intercourse you will learn to focus only on your partner and many of the senses you are feeling that you would normally ignore.

    And you can also practice this during the solo training methods.

    There are some guides and sex therapists that teach this and get very spiritual with talk of your chakra and the like. That may be ok for some, but I much prefer the approach used in Ejaculation Freedom which accomplishes the same goals but does it in a more relaxed and practical way.

    3. Stamina Kegels (The Best Kegels Exercise)

    It’s well known now that standard Kegels are not going to help most men last longer and can often make you ejaculation sooner rather than later.

    But that doesn’t mean that you should give up on Kegels or PC muscle exercises completely. In fact, one of the most beneficial last longer in bed exercises for me has been an exercise called Stamina Kegels.

    Developed by Adam Vance as part of his Stamina Coach training system (read about how it can help you last longer in bed here), Stamina Kegels are more like a reverse kegel and help you train how to release tension from your PC muscle.

    When the PC muscle tenses it is the physical trigger for ejaculation. Standard Kegels are just tensing this muscle over and over again which is really the last thing you want to be doing.

    On the other hand Stamina, Kegels help you practice releasing tension from your PC muscle. And when the PC muscle is relaxed it is literally impossible to ejaculate. So you can see how powerful this ability can be.

    4. Visualisation Training

    This is another kind of premature ejaculation training that sounds a bit weird at first but can really help you last longer in bed when the training is completed correctly.

    These techniques use visualization as a tool to make sure that you are fully in the zone during sex.

    A simple example that was thought to me from the Ejaculation Freedom training guide is to visualize that on each breath out you are breathing out internal tension that is represented by black smoke.

    It may sound a bit strange but they can be used very effectively to distract you from overly focusing on just your penis.

    5. Edging Exercises To Train Yourself To Last Longer In Bed

    Edging Exercises To Last Longer

    I’ve saved the best for last. Edging exercises.

    No premature ejaculation training program will be complete without a module on edging and this is where you can work on all your other techniques at the same time.

    Edging consists of self pressuring yourself until just before you reach the point of no return and then letting your arousal levels degrease.

    You then repeat the process as many times as you can.

    The stop and start technique and squeeze methods are examples of edging but these traditional types are not recommended by many of the current ejaculatory training experts.

    In Ejaculation Freedom, Dan Becket teaches a technique where your goal is to reduce arousal without ever squeezing your penis or stopping completely.

    He argues that this is much more similar to real sex and that you should be using all the other techniques you have trained to reduce arousal instead of just squeezing.

    Can All Men Do Premature Ejaculation Exercises?

    Just about all men can do exercises to last longer in bed. They are completely safe and have a remarkably high success rate when done by following a good training course.

    One limitation may be if you are strictly religious and your religion forbids any kind of self-stimulation or masturbation.

    Another limitation may be finding enough time where you can be alone to do the training. It does require a place where you are alone and can relax and fully focus. This won’t be a problem for guys living alone or with their own bedrooms but it might be difficult for some guys living with families.

    I hope this guide has been a help to you and good luck with your training.

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