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Premature Ejaculation Causes

    If you are struggling to last in bed it is important to understand why this is occurring, so let’s take a look at the 4 main premature ejaculation causes and look at how they can be reversed. When discussing causes for PE you’re bound to get vastly different reasons depending on who you ask, whether it be a doctor, a sexual specialist or your friends, but if you suffer from premature ejaculation I can pretty much guarantee that at least one of the following causes will be to blame.


    Genes can be responsible for premature ejaculation

    Whether you like it or not, the truth is that premature ejaculation is quite a natural state for most guys, and this all come down to our genes and how they have been passed down through generations.  As much as we may enjoy the act of lovemaking, as far as your body is concerned, sex only has one purpose and that is to reproduce and ensure the survival of your linage, and ejaculating very quickly after intercourse has begun is the most efficient way of doing this.


    When younger, many men discover in their teens how to masturbate and all to often do this quite a lot. Without resizing it, what you will be doing is subconsciously teaching your body how to prematurely ejaculate. The problem is that guys will often try to reach orgasm as quickly as possible which will condition your sexual response to be overly sensitive. Then as you get older and begin to have sexual relations your ejaculatory system acts in the same way and when combined with the added stimulation of real sexual intercourse this will all to often lead to a rapid ejaculation.

    A lack of bodily understanding

    Now this premature ejaculation cause is not often discussed by many of those in the straight medical profession but it is actually one of the most critical factors for guys who have a hard time lasting in bed. Each and every time you have sex there so many things going on inside your mind and body that you are almost definitely unaware of.  Once you start to understand and recognize the sings your body is giving you, you can then start to react to each of them the right way and basically stop problem areas at the source before they get out of control.

    Mental factors

    Both mental and physical factors can cause PE

    The thoughts buzzing through your head during sex can also cause premature ejaculation for many men, however when looking to find out how to avoid ejaculating prematurely it’s important to remember that we can’t just separate the mental issues for the physical causes as they are all interrelated. The main mental causes are the thinking and over analyzing of all the “what ifs” and the lack of confidence that can then lead to the physical build up of muscular tension what can work its way down to the ejaculatory area.

    All of these early ejaculation causes can be prevented

    If premature ejaculation is an issue for you then you can probably relate to one or more of these causes. For many men, it will be a combination off all of them in fact. However, the good news is that there’s a number of methods to combat all of these problems and teach your body how to to exactly what you want it to every time.