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Ways To Last Longer In Bed For Men Naturally

    It’s time to think about how to last longer in bed differently!

    You would probably be completely shocked to see the number of men asking about how to last longer in bed naturally. It seems as though premature ejaculation has developed into a huge problem over the last 40 years, or perhaps it is more likely that in these modern times, women expect a lot more out of their men when it comes (excuses the pun) to lasting in bed.

    I guess seeing a constant stream of steamy sex scenes on movies and TV has preconditioned both men and women to assume that it’s absolutely normal to last for 30 minutes every time. In reality, although only a tiny amount of study has been done on the problem surrounding premature ejaculation.

    What has been studied has shown that the average sex time is much less than was expected. In fact, some studies have shown it to be even as low as 2 minutes. If that is the case it’s going to be almost impossible for a lot of men to produce an orgasm for their partner through intercourse alone.

    Not a lot of study has been done regarding premature ejaculation

    Despite a few minor studies there really isn’t a lot known besides the basics within either the medical or general population about premature ejaculation. it seems to be that one major relationship issue that is consistently pushed under the rug.

    One reason for this is due to none of the pharmaceutical companies being able to come up with an effective and safe drug to help guys prolong their lasting time during intercourse.

    Now there’s a very good reason for this. It’s because early ejaculation isn’t really a medical condition in the same way as many other problems are that people are encouraged to take medication for.

    It seems these days everyone just wants to pop a pill to solve just about any problem they have. And when people have this kind of mindset it’s easy for them to forget about the reality of the problem.

    Start thinking differently about how to last longer during intercourse

    Learning how to last longer in bed, just like most things in our lives can be done effectively through good old-fashioned education and a bit of work. For starters, most men who are attempting to learn how to avoid pe have completely no idea about what happens inside them during sex.

    They don’t even know why they ejaculate or which part of the body causes it. I don’t know about you, but if you’re trying to put a stop to something it’s pretty important to know exactly what you are attempting to stop.

    Another thing to remember as Adam Davey points out at his site on helping men last longer is that there are just so many different things that go on inside your body each and every time you have sex, and the good news is that just about all of them can be controlled once you know exactly what they are, what they do and then go and practice them a little bit.

    The parallels between intercourse and sport are surprising

    It’s funny to think of sex this way, but in many ways, it is like playing a sport. I mean just think about how much coaching and practice is required even to reach a basic level for most sports.

    Then if you look at the elite level it’s completely off the charts. Well, why would your performance during sex be any different? Why wouldn’t coaching and practice help improve your lasting power, in the same way, it would improve your jump shot or golf handicap?

    In actual fact, it’s no different at all. There are a lot of guys who have figured this out already, who have got proactive by learning about what goes on within during sex and getting some good advice from someone who is an expert on the topic.

    It may be through a premature ejaculation treatment book such as this very effective one or it could be by seeing a specialist face to face in their local area.

    Either way, the important thing to realize is that, if you have trouble lasting in bed you don’t have to just give up on a happy bedroom relationship with your partner. There’s a heap of ways to learn how to last longer in bed naturally that all guys can learn about and use them to improve performance.

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